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Price Gouging

Is Price Gouging good or bad? We read a short story called “Justice” by Michael Sandel about how many firms increased the prices of necessities when hurricane charley swept across florida. Speech- TOK Speech What is price gouging? Brian: First of … Continue reading

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Our Senses

2 Maps of the World: Map 1: Map 2: Why is it that when asked to draw the world, most of us will draw Map 1? While looking at the different maps, I realized that the point of doing so … Continue reading

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Ways of Knowing

Different areas of knowledge- Ethics, Art, History, Science, Human Sciences, Religion Different ways of knowing- Emotion, Faith, Imagination, Intuition, Language, Memory, Reason, Sense Perception Reflection on key knowledge issues- The key knowledge issues include the different areas of knowledge and different ways of knowing. For example: How do we really know … Continue reading

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