Ways of Knowing

Different areas of knowledge-

Ethics, Art, History, Science, Human Sciences, Religion

Different ways of knowing-

Emotion, Faith, Imagination, Intuition, Language, Memory, Reason, Sense Perception

Reflection on key knowledge issues-

The key knowledge issues include the different areas of knowledge and different ways of knowing. For example: How do we really know why things look smaller the further the are away from us?”

“Why do things look smaller the further the are away from us?”


-Because of the structure of the eye and the fact that light travels in straight lines, the image of a more-distant object falls on less of your retina. Hence producing a smaller image.

-Our senses only give us a partial hindsight into the reality of the world. Example- Our eyes are unable to detect microscopic bacteriums and objects, so how do we know for sure that they really exist?

However, how do we know that what our senses and our idea of perspective can be trusted? what are the weaknesses and flaws with these ways of knowing? There are many flaws that relate to the idea of “perspective”. Firstly, to perceive a situation or an object, we have to be able to see the object. However, how do we really know what we are seeing is believable or true? Our senses do not develop to their full potential, and often we perceive objects and situations through past experiences.

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One Response to Ways of Knowing

  1. A good start on this, but you need to ensure that you go beyond a mere description of what went on in the lesson. Please try to reflect on the key knowledge issues as that it is the only way you will be able to consolidate and develop your TOK thinking.

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