Our Senses

2 Maps of the World:

Map 1:


Map 2:


Why is it that when asked to draw the world, most of us will draw Map 1?

While looking at the different maps, I realized that the point of doing so was to develop a basic understanding of our sense perceptions. Why have most of us drawn Map 1? instead of Map 3? for example. We could have had Hong Kong placed at the center of the map, however we all  placed Europe unknowingly. This is because that version of the map is widely known and is commonly used in textbooks, pictures etc, and is what we were taught from a young age. This proves that our sense perceptions rely on past experiences (teachers teaching us the map of the world). It also shows us that we limit the way we think outside of the box.

-The McGurk effect shows and exploits the effect between hearing and vision in speech perception. This effect demonstrates that our senses did not evolve in isolation from each other but they actually work together in order to perceive our world. This makes us question the extent to which our senses should be fully trusted- especially when they are working together. For example, our senses need to work together in order to perceive a situation. However, our senses are not perfect, and are not developed to their full potential. As humans, we only hear frequencies from 20-20,000Hz. Where as bats can hear frequencies from 20Hz to 120,000Hz. If our senses are not developed to their full potential, why do we rely on them so much? The only reason we rely on our senses is to keep us alive, even though they are not developed to their full potential and have many weaknesses, without them we will not be able to recall past experiences, and will injure ourselves even more.

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2 Responses to Our Senses

  1. Again Gabriella – a great account of the resources used in the lesson, but you need to spend time reflecting on the underlying knowledge questions. What was the point of studying different map projections? What does the McGurk effect tell us about our sense perception?

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