Human Sciences

Some examples of Human Sciences include: Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Economics


What are the issues and claims?


For social sciences, we record and collect data through the use of Questionnaires, Surveys, Interviews, Observations, Gathering and interpretation of statistics, Study of written sources and artefacts as well as experiments. However there are many key issues with gathering information using these methods, firstly, there is the issue of sample size and choice. How do we know who to survey? How do we know weather or not our judgements are bias? Will the quality of answers vary from person to person? Also, how do we control the experiment? it is virtually impossible for us to repeat the experiment, so how do we know that the data we have collected are accurate or precise? There are also many ethical issues of concerning experimentation. There is also a limitation in which we can record our data, How do we measure happiness for example? The idea of “happiness” varys from person to person, there is no real answer and definition of what “happiness” is. There is also a concern in the relationship between correlation and causation. “Men with deep voices tend to have more children than those who dont”. Is there really a correlation between the pitch of a mans voice and the number of children he will have? Lastly, the observation of people may affect their behavior. Sometimes emotions can get in the way with ones behavior and have a severe impact on others. To sum up, there are many limitations revolving around the idea of Human Sciences, there are limitations with the measurement of data, the recording of data and more importantly the specimens and people we are measuring are limited by their emotions and abilities.

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