Function of Music

To me, music is something I listen to to pass time, for instance, if I’m on public transport, or doing work. Many of my favourite pieces of music relate to me on many different levels, and suit my mood at that current moment in time. When I listen to one of my favourite songs, it takes me back to the past and to me, nothing else matters at that time.

What is the Function of Music (Discussion)


-Music can have medicinal values

-Expression of feelings for artists

-To get through to the public, by sending a message across

-You can relate to music and its lyrics and relate it to the situation you are either presently going through or were going through

-When you are depressed, it helps you get through it

-Relieves work stress

-To inspire

-To unite people

-They evoke emotions

-Tell a story – communicate

-To give identity

-When you can not express yourself, music is a form of self expression

-Music gives meaning

-Music motivates us and invokes happiness

-You can escape from the real world for a short while and transform into your own little bubble

-Vent emotions


-Music can be expressed beyond language 

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